How to file AIR Return Online

By | November 28, 2016

How to file air return online: AIR (annual information return) is the usable process of the customer who has the high value of financial transaction which is expected to be equipped under section 285BA of the income tax act. In 1961 stipulate person are create a specified transaction which is recorded by them during the financial year. Date of filing the return form is 31st august in every decided year.

Customers who have a high transaction and pay the income tax time to time they are able to fill the return form of AIR (annual information return). They are filling the form through the online process which is available on the official site tax information network of income tax department. We are providing you here some easy steps which are helping you to complete the process air return. Further details about the air return like eligibility and procedure are given below.

Official site of Tax information network of income tax department


  • The customer has a high transaction profile.
  • Customer must be payer in income tax.

How to apply for air return

  • Visit the official site of tax information network of income tax department
  • Prepare AIR with the file format in clean text ASCII format which is available on the site. You can prepare an AIR for the house or any other third party software. Click on “AIR RPU” for return disposition utility for annual information return.
  • Then click on the data structure for the data structure which is helped to prepare AIR.
  • Then File is prepared as per format, now verify the providing details.
  • In the case, the file has any error then repeats these steps until an error free.
  • Then Copy the uploaded file which is generated by the FVU, submit the floppy/CD and upload the file on the TIN website.

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